FADER TV: On The Road With Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Part I

It’s a long road to travel when you’re in a tour van with venetian blinds, a television looping The Last Waltz, and a guy with four names pissing into a milk jug next to you, but that’s the price FADER contributer David Bevan paid for THE ART OF DOCUMENTARY FILM. For five nights, Bevan weathered full blast air conditioning, fast food, and many, many beers.

For the first time in the brief yet storied history of FADER TV, we are airing a full-length, four-part documentary featuring FADER 55’s prodigal son, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. We’ll be airing a different leg of the tour every day until we conjure the body of Miles Benjamin himself to perform at our issue release party next Monday. Do you know how much bandwidth that takes up on our server? We don’t! But watch as Miles and company roll through the forlorn landscape of Western America, stopping occasionally to play music and throw away empty cans.

In Part I, Miles eats Mexican food and stares at the sun for too long in Los Angeles. Come back tomorrow, same time same place, for Part 2 in Las Vegas.

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