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Freeload: YACHT Remixes Stereolab And Ratatat

August 08, 2008

You know what sucks about blogs? They don't let you post yourself to another place. Take Jona Bechtolt aka YACHT, for instance. He is probably the most visionary blogger we know (dude was jamming out Flickr videos before we'd discovered you could mute a YouTube player) and keeps us constantly updated on he and Claire's whereabouts and shenanigans, but he has yet to figure out how to meet us for coffee every morning like we want him to. And we tried to upload ourselves to Oregon where Jona is putting on the Catch That Beat Micro-festival tomorrow but ended up just getting a firewire lodged uncomfortably somewhere that we don't want to talk about. So what to do? Just Keep Livin', we guess. And that livin' will be much easier since Jona sent us these brand new remixes of the 'Tat's "Mirando" and Stereolab's "Self-Portrait With 'Electric Brain'", two great songs that he has now made better. Also according to Jona, YACHT has "a special announcement and release coming in a little bit (08/18/08), and some UK club and festival dates we're doing at the end of the month. England. More here." So, whether in Oregon or England, enjoy your face time with YACHT. We will sit here and vlog our loneliness.

Download: Stereolab, "Self-Portrait With 'Electric Mind' (YACHT Remix)"

Download: Ratatat, "Mirando (YACHT Remix)"

Freeload: YACHT Remixes Stereolab And Ratatat