Freeload: Snake Flower 2, “I Woke Up In A Dream”

In a perfect world, Snake Flower 2 could make a career out of playing shitty surf/garage rock at beach bonfires, but this is not a perfect world. Instead Matthew Melton, Snake Flower 2′s main dude, played with Jay Reatard for awhile, found his way to California, started making music in a band called Snake Flower, fell in love with one of the band members, got his heart broken and formed Snake Flower 2. That’s what the press release tells us, anyway. But we are all about the music, and “I Woke Up In A Dream” is a catchy little piece of distorted surf rock that doesn’t lose site of melody amidst the racket. It is from the band’s album Renegade Daydream, which you can buy at Tic Tac Totally.

Download: Snake Flower 2, “I Woke Up In A Dream” (via Raven Sings the Blues)

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