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Video: Kaiser Chiefs, "Never Miss A Beat" (prod Mark Ronson)

Ever since we heard Mark Ronson would be producing some bona fide rock 'n' roll in the form of the new Kaiser Chiefs album, we've been bugging him about hearing some of the new songs. Eventually, he caved and played us a few. "Never Miss A Beat" was one of them, and, despite our general indifference toward the band, we found it pretty darn catchy. How much of that is due to Ronson? We'll go with 90% because we like the guy, but it was probably closer to 70-75%. Either way, the video for "Never Miss A Beat" just hit the internet courtesy of director Goodtimes and Draw Pictures, and the band also recently posted the Yuksek remix of the single on their MySpace. The album from whence all this spawned, Off With Their Heads will be out in October and was entirely co-produced by Ronson and Britpop producer of the moment Eliot James.

Video: Kaiser Chiefs, "Never Miss A Beat" (prod Mark Ronson)