Freeload: Johnson & Jonson, “Up All Night”

September 05, 2008

Johnson & Jonson is our boy Blu from LA and producer Mainframe, and their new self-titled album coming out September 23rd on Tres Records has actually "been out" for almost a year as the leaked Powders & Oils, initially meant as a mixtape but turned out too good to not be properly released. It's full of soul-sample-heavy production and Blu's dependably entertaining raps, and, if we didn't think it would wrinkle our Steven Alan shirts, we would absolutely go buy a new Jansport and wear it everywhere, even on dates, assuming we could get one. Okay, we're digressing into pasts we'd like to forget, but this shit is too excellent! As it turns out, Blu and friends are celebrating the release of Johnson & Jonson tomorrow night at Grand Star in Chinatown, Los Angeles, and we happen to know firsthand that dude rocks a party and that Grand Star gets nuts. And to get ready, enjoy "Up All Night" from the album and the video for "Bout It Bout It" above.

Download: Johnson & Jonson, "Up All Night"

Posted: September 05, 2008
Freeload: Johnson & Jonson, “Up All Night”