Ghetto Palms: Live From Jamaica / Rum Punch / Prosper Riddim

Every week resident FADER selector Eddie STATS runs through dancehall riddims and other artifacts from the ghetto archipelago.

Greetings from beautiful Jamaica, land of wood and water and mastodon speaker cabinets. Much of the breezeblock conversation I’ve been having with music biz persons since I’ve been Kingston, posted up against the side of a van in the yard of Jammy’s studio in Waterhouse or over a Q of Appletons on the terrace at Medusa’s has to do with how the traditional avenues of bussing an artist in dancehall—riddims, 45s, soundclashes—are phasing out.

That would be bad news for a riddim-driven column like this but the truth is that those things are still going as hard as ever, it's just that the elusive flow that constitutes hype in Kingston has a whole host of new streams--exclusive beats, videos, ringtones--feeding into it, mixing with the traditional dub plate routes. Full riddims with a host of artists and a star track that can stand on it’s own are still in good supply though.

Rum Punch riddim blend:

Daville, “Yuh Good”

Delly Ranx,“Get Mhad”

Buju Banton, “Gal Deh Bout”

Monster Hempire, “Bogle Salute”

Sizzla, “Foreign”

Bramma, “X-News”

Wayne Marshall, “Wanna Funk Yah”

Rum Punch has been out for a good minute but it’s one of the toughest beats to get a full run of artists recently, and more importantly the vibe makes it a perfect soundtrack to my little fact-finding trip, not the least because of the actual rum punch, rum cream and the aforementioned Appleton’s that have been giving it it’s accent. Plus two words: 1. Monster 2. Hempire.

Prosper riddim blend:

Turbulence, “Prosper”

Donovan Steele, “Dem a Bad Man”

Natty King, “Friends”

Nando Fresh, “Guide Over Us”

Prestige, “Never Gonna Let it Go”

Lutan Fyah, “The Way We Live”

Chezidek, “Trap”

Rob Symeon f. Willow Wilson, “No More”

Prosper riddim, from New York based reggae purists Redbud records makes a nice counterpoint to Rum Punch’s minor keys and piano. Possibly the feel-good riddim of the year, this is real rockers; upful, double time, bouncing on one leg reggae with a full complement of dreads from one drop kings like Turbulence, Lutan Fyah and Chezidek to NYC badmen like Rob Symeon.

Ghetto Palms: Live From Jamaica / Rum Punch / Prosper Riddim