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Video: Okkervil River, "Lost Coastlines"

Okkervil River's new video features all of the dudes in the band as TV-headed performers. We were like Yeah alright TV on the River, do what you need to do to capitalize on upcoming FADER covers, but then it occurred to us that we are not the center of the universe and also that the band (who we first covered in F29) has made a pretty good career out of putting together high-concept albums with enough small moments that every song sounds like a personal lament on the frustrations of being a regular dude. For example, Black Sheep Boy was an album about a junkie/songwriter from the '60s, but we actually thought it was just about growing up. In any case, there's probably more to this video, but we're still marveling over how well the TV heads sync up to the movements of the bodies, it's like old fashioned television trickery!

Video: Okkervil River, "Lost Coastlines"