Freeload: The Tough Alliance, “Neo Violence” (iTunes Single of the Week)

We like to think we’ve had a positive effect on sales of The Tough Alliance‘s albums, finally released in the US this month. You know, like, instead of 1,000 copies, they sold 1,037 copies on the strength of our FADER Number 56 cover. But we are also humble enough to accept that their song being featured as the Single of the Week on iTunes has, in one flick of an Apple programmer’s pale, spiderlike fingers, probably eclipsed our efforts. But seriously, you know Steve Jobs is jamming this shit and making up new words when he’s deciding what to wear every morning. Mooooocckk Turrrrttlllllleee NEEEEECKKK and bluuueee jeeeeeaaaaannns yeeeeeeaaahhhhh.

Download: The Tough Alliance, “Neo Violence”

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