Ladyhawk’s European Vacation: Ladyhawk Barfs All Over The World, Part Two

October 01, 2008

When we first heard that the bros in Ladyhawk were going on a massive European tour we were like Oh weird, and then we were like, this is awesome, so we got them on the phone (we emailed them) and asked if they wanted to blog their thoughts on the tour for us. Lead singer/guitarist Duffy Driediger cautiously said "sure," and away we went. After the jump read the second installment from Ladyhawk's first ever European tour, and stay tuned for another installment every day until we run out.

Part 2: Ladyhawk With an E

Last night we all did ecstasy and played a heavy tranced-out set in Brixton. Actually we didn't. We played loudly and shittily and I wasn't sure if anyone was feeling it, but there were a bunch of people there and they all stayed and watched. We played with our friend Chad's band The Tailors, who have a really great Jayhawks kinda vibe. The poster outside the club advertised us as "Canadian stoner country", but I feel we pulled off more of a "obnoxious shit-bludgeon" stylee.

The popularity in the UK of Ladyhawke (New Zealand electro babe) may lead to a lot of seriously bummed out people at our shows. I kind of got the feeling last night that people were expecting something else, or at least something better, "stoner country" I guess...

Anyway, no biggie really. We stayed with our European publicist Manish, who was kind enough to give me a copy of Deee-lite's "World Clique", and all was well.

Posted: October 01, 2008
Ladyhawk’s European Vacation: Ladyhawk Barfs All Over The World, Part Two