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FADER TV: David Vandervelde "Old Turns"

It's a rare occasion to get a glimpse of David Vandervelde's face unobstructed by facial hair or a big floppy hat, and unfortunately, it's no different here at FADER TV. Like Wilson in "Home Improvement," Vandervelde keeps up his mysterious appeal and keeps audiences coming back for more, wondering what’s underneath that glorious bandana-wrapped akubra on his head. We’re not really even sure where he’s from… Michigan? Brooklyn? Tennessee? Actually, he's from Chicago and was in FADER Number 45, but anyway, what’s important is that we can’t remember the last time we saw a good ole’ rock and roll show, and memories were jogged this past Sunday at Mercury Lounge. Sure maybe none of us were so privileged to live through the glory days of the 1970’s, but if we had, we’d like to believe that it was a little like standing in a not-quite-packed house, watching Vandy and his scraggly band pound out “Old Turns” (minus the cocaine and swingers).

FADER TV: David Vandervelde "Old Turns"