Ladyhawk’s European Vacation: Ladyhawk Barfs All Over The World, Part Three

October 02, 2008

When we first heard that the bros in Ladyhawk were going on a massive European tour we were like Oh weird, and then we were like, this is awesome, so we got them on the phone (we emailed them) and asked if they wanted to blog their thoughts on the tour for us. Lead singer/guitarist Duffy Driediger cautiously said "sure," and away we went. After the jump read the third installment from Ladyhawk's first ever European tour, and stay tuned for another installment every day until we run out.

Part 3: Irn Bru and Poopy-Poo…
Scream is on in the hotel right now. Have you watched this movie recently? It kind of actually rules. Maybe I’m just stoned… and I most certainly am. It’s funny, all the press we’ve ever gotten has really pushed the alcohol angle with us, and I’m sure it’s true to some degree, but I don’t think we drink any more than any other band. Vampire Weekend probably drinks more than we do. Fucking Bon Iver probably parties harder. I mean, I know it’s probably our own fault, but it’s funny that every band has to have an angle and that just happens to be ours. There always has to be some weird thing about your band that they can write about, like, "they live naked in the forest and record their albums under a giant mushroom using only gourds and tubers for instruments whilst worshipping the forest deity with burning sage and burning tyrannosaurus rex records", only ours is "they are drunk. That’s the reason they make such shitty music, because they’re such useless fucking alcoholics." Bummer for us I guess, we haven’t really done anything to disprove that. But my point is: I feel we’re actually just mostly stoners. Except for Darcy.

And my point in making that point is that in Glasgow (where we just played) there was a write up/interview with us in this paper called The Skinny where I remember doing the interview by email and the guy asking something like, "you guys have a real reputation for drinking, is this true?" To which I answered, "I want a drink right so bad right now my hands are shaking. Just kidding." And went on to try and play the whole thing down a bit. Bla bla bla. Anyway, in the paper he’d rearranged the interview so that my direct quote, and the first quote of the article was "I want a drink so bad right now my hands are shaking." Period.

Honestly, what the fuck? That sucks. Whatever. That’s our angle, I guess! It still didn’t help the show, there were some people there but they were fucking corpses. Nothing. On a Friday night even! There is no love for us in Scotland, just like in America! But I can’t hold a grudge, I’m in Glasgow and what do I care? If I was Scottish I’d be into better shit too. Great bands come from here: The Vaselines, Teenage Fanclub…Jesus and Mary Chain? Not from Glasgow. I got schooled on that earlier. Drank some Irn Bru, which I was told is the Scottish national soft-drink (that’s right, no alcohol), which tastes exactly like god’s own juice. We played in Leeds the other night and that was pretty good. Nice place, babe heavy.

For some reason I’ve been grinding my teeth at night. So bad that I dream about it. When I wake up my jaw is super sore and my teeth feel all jagged and gross. What’s that about? I used to have a recurring dream about my teeth falling out, which I’ve been told is a masturbatory dream in Freudian theory. Boosh.

Posted: October 02, 2008
Ladyhawk’s European Vacation: Ladyhawk Barfs All Over The World, Part Three