Video: Friendly Fires, “Paris”

Yes, Friendly Fires already made a video for “Paris” directed by Price James, which we liked a lot because it featured a floating silver ball of mercury-water, which looked like the Alexander Calder sculpture in the Joan Miro museum or when Donnie Darko sees time glooping from peoples’ stomachs or when our executive editor gets an ocular migraine. But Friendly Fires are so into arty videos (they are! and they are good at them!) that who cares that they made another one for “Paris,” because it is rad and features synchronized Pilates. This video is like the neon-tube exhibit in the permanent collection at MoMA, as choreographed by Michelle at Crunch gym. Also, when we interviewed them a couple of months ago for FADER 57 (on iTunes today!!), they said they loved the original video but felt weird playing live in it, because actually they are just reg dudes and not trying to be cool (paraphrase). Guess what Friendly Fires, you are super cool and we continue to listen to your album like once a day. Thanks.

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