Prancehall’s Bass Odyssey, Part 33

October 23, 2008

Good news, music fans, Craig David is back. A few hundred extra-large boxes of Maximuscle Progain since the last time we saw him, the crooner has returned with a greatest hits album and a new single, "Where's Your Love?" Said single, which is surprisingly good given his last couple of albums, features Tinchy Stryder, the least self-assured rapper in the world, looking comfortable in the spotlight for once. Get Witty Boy's bassline remix below.

Download: Craig David, "Where's Your Love?" (Witty Boy remix)

London has almost totally forgotten about bassline now. Its popularity up north is still increasing though. My friend up in Bradford, Lanre (check his blog:, has been keeping me up-to-date on what's happening and he's put me onto possibly one of the most unexpected genres hybrids ever: bhangra niche. Full report coming soon, but for now check this bassline remix of "Ni Nachle" by Imran Khan (unfortunately not the Pakistani cricketer and politician) for some of the most awkward drum programming I have ever heard.

Also big in Bradford at the moment is the pretty ancient and very cheesy sound of organ bassline. 4x4 bassline nights are still being targeted by police but the organ bassline nights are thriving. Remixes of R&B songs by DJs like Danny Bond and Sean Coy are massive with the laydeez. Organ DJs are also starting to play London funky stuff in their sets, which could lead to some very interesting results.

Finally, check out Wretch 32's new video, not so much for the song but for his new mohican high top fade haircut. I've been seeing a lot of guys going around with mohicans and pretty adventurous haircuts recently and was a bit puzzled until I worked out that they were probably imitating a recent look by Arsenal footballer William Gallas. It could be a lot worse though, everyone could start copying Bacary Sagna's haircut.

Prancehall’s Bass Odyssey, Part 33