Video: TNT aka Badda Badda Gals at the Levi’s®/FADER Fort NYC

We knew TNT would be excellent after we kicked it with them on our radio show, but we weren’t quite prepared for the inextinguishable firestorm our fave Jamaican ladies brought to their FADER-exclusive CMJ performance. Longtime BFFs, TNT—Tifa, Natalie Storm and Timberlee—toasted, deejayed, joked, sang, rapped and wine’ded a grip of special cuts from their catalog, with Max Glazer on decks, playing the Eddie Murphy role to their Dream Girls, only without all the megadrama. Their charisma was outtasight, their jokes were excellently funny, and one of our editors is half-considering moving to Kingston to become their full-time hype chick. In this video, they’re performing the jams that blew them out the water (effectively christening them the “Badda Badda Gals”) and into your faces: their versions for Ward 21′s “Dem Gal Sittin” riddim, with Timberlee’s “Stress Free,” Tifa’s “Crawny Gal,” and Natalie Storm’s “Anuh My Fault.” JUST LIKE IT’S ANUH YR FAULT IF YOU START LOVING TNT AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO! Wah waaahhh.

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