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Freeload: Stricken City’s “Lost Art” Remixes

November 20, 2008

Since we first posted about Stricken City back in July, we've had a couple inner debates about what's more interesting about the band: their music, or Rebekah Raa's peculiar dance moves. Their songs are pretty inoffensive, so it must be the herky jerky. Regardless, they've got a new single out this week called "Lost Art" and its video is more of Raa's now signature foot-stomping, shoulder-strugging wonderment. To spice up the music side, we've got Nic Nell's jumpy Carrying the Ears remix, and RCRD LBL is hosting the trance-inducing Gold Panda version of the same song. If you're in London and want to see Stricken City in action, they're playing a couple shows at the end of the month.

Download: Stricken City, "Lost Art (Nic Nell Carrying The Ears Remix)"

Download: Stricken City, "Lost Art (Gold Panda Remix)"

Freeload: Stricken City’s “Lost Art” Remixes