Freeload: Jay-Z f. Santogold, “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”

December 01, 2008

For the last couple years, Jay-Z has watched over Brooklyn from a massive rooftop Rocawear billboard next to the Manhattan Bridge. If you're in a cab or a car on your way into the city, seeing his face right before you cross the river is like a thumbs up from Pops before heading out onto the court. It gets you a little psyched to go do your thing in a way that a sign signed by borough president Marty Markowitz cannot (Thanks for the bike lanes though, Marty.) At the same time it's like, Dude, can we get a pair of boots for under a 120 bones? Regardless, this new song off the Notorious soundtrack lets us know that Jay also represents Williamsburg by not only sampling FADER 51 coverstar Santogold (or letting Kanye sample her) but letting her grab a verse towards the end.

Download: Jay-Z, "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"

Update: Dirty Version (via Nah Right)

Posted: December 01, 2008
Freeload: Jay-Z f. Santogold, “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”