Freeload/Video: Josh Reichmann Oracle Band, “Ancient Bloody Paradise (I Miss You)”

From 2003 to 2005, Toronto’s Tangiers occupied a small but cherished place on page 22 in our indie rock Case Logic binder (page adjacent to Marmoset). They were fun and then they were gone. But Tangiers guitarist-singer Josh Reichmann returns in February 2009 with a solo album called Fuck, I Miss Those Guys, no, it’s called Crazy Power, and the first song and video from it are making us almost forget all about his former band, Algiers… TANGIERS, sorry. Reichmann gets a little gloomier and flutier than his old gang did, but also tends to make things a little more pleasantly surprising (see: aformentioned flutes + harmonica solo). He’s also handsome. See for yourself tonight when he joins FADER 57 Gen F Sebastian Grainger and the fairly shredding Twin Tigers from Athens, Georgia at the Mercury Lounge in New York.

Download: Josh Reichmann Oracle Band, “Ancient Bloody Paradise (I Miss You)”

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