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Video: Hats Off Doc About Mimi Weddell

At 93 years old, fashion icon and actress Mimi Weddell has more spirit than a high school cheerleading squad. The recently released Hat's Off, a documentary about Mimi, captures her vigor and biting humor, revealing eccentric insights into the aging actress' life as she attends dance class, bickers with her daughter and takes an occasional motorcycle ride. Making a living bouncing from small bits in television and film to dancing and modeling, Mimi has a whimsical way about her, insisting that you must “dance as you sail through life” to heighten the experience of living. On screen, her vivacious personality is contagious, most earnestly seen in one particular clip with her very content looking grandson boasting about Mimi being his favorite grandma. If we had a grandma that scribbled “rise above it” on the kitchen floor, we’d have retired already based on pure hereditary awesomeness.

Video: Hats Off Doc About Mimi Weddell