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Exclusive Freeload: Tim Hecker, “Paragon Point”

January 05, 2009

There is no shame in hibernating for the winter, just ask Montreal's Tim Hecker, who has consistently been making ideal albums for sleeping away entire months. His last album Harmony in Ultraviolet had us walking extra blocks in sub-zero temperatures just to make sure we caught the whole thing before heading inside, and An Imaginary Country (out 3/9 on Kranky) is no different. Hecker's material has always been about the full experience as opposed to individual cuts, but the glacial drift of "Paragon Point" works just fine as a mission statement for a dude who continues to make some of the most uplifting/depressing albums of any given winter.

Download: Tim Hecker, "Paragon Point"

Posted: January 05, 2009
Exclusive Freeload: Tim Hecker, “Paragon Point”