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Obama Has a Posse (if he wants one)

Listen, we haven't thought of Shepherd Fairey as anything other than a conniving businessman since 1996, but his latest works have us thinking maybe he's appealing to a higher power for redemption, namely President-Elect Barack Obama. Obviously, his red, white and cream portrait of Obama became the signature image for the campaign and has since been chosen not only for Time Magazine's Man/Person of the Year cover but also as the official poster for Obama's inauguration. But, lest he be deemed some sort of short-timer, Fairey has taken it upon himself to design a poster for dog adoption, a cause that has suddenly become close to Obama's heart, and now, the "urban subversionist" is luring middle class Americans with fat stimulus checks to Saks Fifth Avenue with a spring campaign that (surprise) borrows heavily from the Productivist posters of Alexander Rodchenko. Dog-loving materialist Socialists! Subverting our checkbooks! We don't even know what to say about this anymore: We love dogs but "Want This!" seems kind of completely freaking nuts.

Obama Has a Posse (if he wants one)