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FADER TV: LA Is A Nice Place To Live (With Nite Jewel)

On each episode of FADER TV's LA Is A Nice Place To Live, the West Coast staff takes in some of the city's culture and fun good times. Our first installment of 2009 has the crew going to Tiny Creatures for their official closing event. The nondescript storefront on Alvarado has hosted art and music events for the past three years, and we say goodbye to it with a warm hug and a meaningful pat on the back. Los Angeles' own Nite Jewel also dropped by for a short set for a crowd too hemmed in by weird installations from the likes of Hedi El Kholti and Rachel Detroit to do much more than tap their feet. On any other day, we would have been bummed out about Nite Jewel making the tiny house P.A. system implode, but on this particular night it just seemed too apt and awesome to bring us down.

FADER TV: LA Is A Nice Place To Live (With Nite Jewel)