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Exclusive Freeload: Suckers, “It Gets Your Body Movin’”

January 29, 2009

You can't help but feel that New York quartet Suckers are channeling the pop ghost of Talking Heads with their self-titled Suckers EP (out 4/14 on IAMSOUND). Their use of clean, reverb-drenched guitars, simple percussion hooks, a smattering of horns, keys, synths, programmed beats, group choruses, harmonies, other happy noises and good old-fashioned whistling would do David Byrne & Co. proud. This band sounds just plain happy to be here, and they would like nothing more than to make you happy to be here too. On "It Gets Your Body Movin'," Suckers bang out a simple sailor's melancholy chorus with a smile. We don't know how, but they make sad seem happy.

Download: Suckers, "It Gets Your Body Movin'"

Posted: January 29, 2009
Exclusive Freeload: Suckers, “It Gets Your Body Movin’”