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Audio: Bat for Lashes, “Glass”

February 10, 2009

We're too excited to keep our mouths shut about it… Bat for Lashes, aka the mellifluous Pakistani-Briton Natasha Khan, graces our forthcoming Spring Style front cover, dropping in the next week or two at a newsstand near you. You need it because she tells excellent stories about knights ascending into the sky and becoming diamond-like bright specks of light or some equally fantastically magical manifestation. We want her to write the sequel to The Dark Crystal. Her new album is full of electricity, as on "Glass," wherein said knight dons crystal armor and a suit of colors and a cape, which is coincidentally the same outfit Keith Olbermann was wearing last night on Countdown.

Bat For Lashes, "Glass" (via Stereogum)

Audio: Bat for Lashes, “Glass”