Freeload: Charles Hamilton, “Scorpion”

February 10, 2009

Hey surprise, Charles Hamilton, one of our current covers, has another mixtape coming out — this one inspired by love and Chris Brown. "Scorpion" is the first official leak from Well Isn't This Awkward, to be released on Valentine's Day, a tape purportedly having something to do with Masterpiece Theatre and paranormal romance, but if Charles' blog reveals what it seems to reveal, it might be less para and more normal, as in Rihanna's got a not-at-all secret admirer:

But f*ck that. It's my GIRL we talkin about... to quote Ne-Yo, "Ehbahdy knoe dah maahne!!!!". I was in the studio, FUMING mad. And that's before the Hennessey kicked in. Rihanna, wherever you are, my prayers are with you, and my skinny, short ass is gon hold you down if need be. Chris, your mother.

February 13th, Rihanna. I will say all that I couldn't say at that Gucci event... holla back...

Sorry to get gossipy, but it's not like we get a lot of Teen Beat moments around here. And just in case you're already clamoring for the mixtape after Awkward, Charles is recording the Flourescent EP with MC Lyte right now.

Download: Charles Hamilton, "Scorpion"

Freeload: Charles Hamilton, “Scorpion”