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Style: Henrik Vibskov's Spinning Wheels

Henrik Vibskov is one of the greatest, most loopy and fantastic designers around, and we've always wondered what a stroll around the inner workings of his mind might be like. Last Friday, surrounded by man-sized rotating hamster wheels at his Fall '09 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, we got a little peep.

Walking around his awesome red-walled store, filled with Vibskov goodness (crazy patterned tights, coogi-inspired laptop covers and brightly colored Vibskov strollers) in Copenhagen earlier that afternoon was just the right kind of prelude, although nothing could have prepared us for the hypnotic hugeness that was the show. Vibskov is never shy of color and prints — video game-inspired prints, gigantic polka dotted Aztec patterns or straight up jailbird stripes are all in there, and that's why we will always love him. Aside from the rotating fashion madness (our girl Susie caught the action on film for her blog Style Bubble here), spotting all the kids in the crowd proudly wearing their favorite Vibskov leggings/pants/crazy poncho was probably the most heart-warming part of the night. That and seeing the four models trample for their dear lives on those wheels — some of them didn't go the distance, poor things. If you look closely though, you'll notice the hard-body Amish-looking model in the green suit isn't even breaking a sweat.

Style: Henrik Vibskov's Spinning Wheels