Style: And on the Seventh Day There Was Flannel

February 13, 2009

For Fall/Winter 09 New York fashion week, FADER style assistant Erin Hansen will chronicle everything in a uniform of flannel. Will anyone really give a damn if she wears flannel for a week straight? Who knows? Stay tuned for the fascinating fashionista reactions.

Some would argue that there has been a resurgence of flannel in the fashion world as of late, but to FADER's fashion team flannel never really left. More so, it's remained a staple because of it's essential relaxed style and it's easy-on-the-wallet availability. With fashion week upon us and the probability of it leaving a lasting impression on our credit card bills, I decided to take a more anthropological approach to keep my fashion week bills at bay. My friends contributed a week's worth of flannel to my wardrobe, so I wouldn't have to repeat. Initially my thought was, will anyone even notice? Fashion week always has those over-the-top Bryant Park egotists who rarely notice those sporting the less expensive designers or H&M knock offs, so their approval will be difficult to garner. A more practical question would be whether flannel has saturated New York so much that I'll blend right in even with those do pay attention.

That was the case yesterday, my first day of wearing flannel for the week. When I arrived at the Catherine Holstein presentation I discovered a flannel theme throughout her F/W 09 collection, from classic flannel button ups to over sized flannel dresses, her collection seemed to have taken inspiration from those grunge days of the early nineties Northwest. Stylist Britt Bardot had composed the collection by using dark moody lip color and floppy hats, combining Seventies hippie with downtown goth to polish off Catherine Holstein's feminine creations. When I left the presentation I realized wearing plaid for a week straight might be easier and more well-received, or rather, more stylishly in tune for next season, than I previously thought. Still, I'm not holding my breath, oscillating between sexy, chic, tomboy-ish, and modern flannel looks for seven days can be cause for a severe fashion week migraine.

Erin in her first day of flannel

Posted: February 13, 2009
Style: And on the Seventh Day There Was Flannel