Thrintage: Salvation Army, Queens

February 19, 2009

Every other Thursday, FADER style contributor Bethany Cosentino crosses boroughs, counties and states to find us fine thrifted and vintage pieces on the cheap for her column, Thrintage (get it?). This week she traveled to Astoria, Queens to check out Salvation Army on Steinway Street. Read her thoughts and peep the steals after the jump.

It’s been cold in New York lately. We’ve been experiencing a few random days of spring-like weather — the sun is shining, the breeze is crisp — but let’s face it, it’s still cold. I’ve found that the best way to combat my cold weather laziness is to get as far away from my house as possible and focus on something completely unrelated to winter in New York City. Last Saturday, this place away from home was The Salvation Army in Astoria, Queens.

Astoria is about a forty-minute subway ride away from the city. A pretty straight shot on the R train, with optimal time to sit in the back and gossip with a friend until everyone seated around you gets up and moves. This was exactly the case for my train ride to Astoria last weekend. I took a friend, and fellow FADER intern, Alex to shop with me — hoping he could help spot some of the more interesting guy’s pieces Salvation Army had to offer.

Upon arrival, this thrift store really just looks like any basic Salvation Army. The interior is kind of messy, there is no real organizational aesthetic, and the people who work there look pissed that you are even walking through the door. But if you can ignore all three of those things, than you will have a very successful shopping venture.

I was able to find some really beautiful vintage pieces — like a cotton and lace button up tunic, and two really amazing floor length, oversized summer dresses, one with an incredible Egyptian pattern. I also found a beautiful full-length 70s style Mexican blanket print skirt — my number one look come summer. Aside from all the beautiful vintage pieces, I found a vibrant Southwestern print sweater, and a Coogi inspired jacket — which unfortunately I was not able to purchase, because of its whopping $14.99 price tag. And then there was the find of the day: a striped, wool, hooded, poncho that Alex and I fought over for a solid five minutes. After debating over who would actually wear it, and who just wanted to own it for novelty value, Alex won.

I also found a really beautiful, and dainty striped high-waisted skirt, and vintage sailor-style dress — but again, too expensive to take home with me. I would say that my only complaint about this place is that they seem to have forgotten they are a thrift store, and not a vintage store. Some of the pieces that I ended up purchasing were a little over my normal thrifting budget, but I am a true believer that if you want something bad enough, you should just buy it.

Egyptian Print Dress: $9.99

Wool Hooded Poncho: $8.99

Mexican Blanket Skirt: $4.99

Southwestern Sweater: $5.99

White Lace Tunic: $6.99

White Floor-length Summer Dress: $5.99

Multi-colored Turtleneck Sweater: $4.99

Located at 34-02 Steinway Street Astoria, NY 11101

Posted: February 19, 2009
Thrintage: Salvation Army, Queens