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RCRD LBL Freeload: Various Production, "Trycycle"

How many times a day do you read Once? Twice? Every hour? Refresh every twenty minutes? Whenever Google Reader tells you to? Well if you are prompt and it's about 5PM for you, skip this post and save it for first thing tomorrow morning. If you're in London and just off work and thinking, "Ah now is my time to go peruse The FADER's website. I love my time of unending internet joy and mp3 prosperity. Thank you!" just bookmark this one and get up a couple minutes early tomorrow. Hopefully you are in Alaska or Hawaii and just getting up and haven't listened to any music—you are the ideal listener for Various Production's "Trycycle." This one is a doozy monster. And we know that photo up there isn't doing a lot of wildness convincing but that is why it is called "listening to music" and not "watching to music." Sometimes it's a boring process. But who cares about the process? It's all about the output. And in this case the output is a dubstep beast. Dubjump? Dubhop? Dubtechno? Dubecstasy? Sounds like every year in the entire future truncated through light speed into four minutes, 34 seconds. Start your day with it.

RCRD LBL Freeload: Various Production, "Trycycle"