STYLE TV: Chris Isenberg of No Mas

Journalist-turned-clothier Chris Isenberg printed up his first Cassius Clay tee back in 2003 and has been indulging our nostalgia for classic moments in sporting history with his line No Mas ever since. Outside the sporting nerdetry, it’s the sartorial attention to detail we really appreciate (keep an eye out for the lettering on the hoodie!) and irreverent nudge-nudge wink-wink flourishes like his unkillable series of reinvented vintage Champion sweaters. We went up to the No Mas studio last week to get a walk through of the latest collection and take a look at the newest accessory collaboration with design duo Dee and Ricky.

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  1. J. Able says:

    If you order from No Mas good luck getting your order. The last 2 times I had ordered from them I had sent numerous emails and after 3 or 4 emails finally got a reply and then they said your order was shipped today. Total 1 month waiting on my order 2 times. If I would have not sent numerous emails I would have not gotten my order at all. I would not order from No Mas.