Freeload: Vince the Prince, March ‘09 Kuduro Mix

March 24, 2009

We like the idea of this Dutch dude Vince the Prince flipping through his hard drive and just "finding" a bunch of Angolan and Portuguese kuduro on there like he did with this mix. The internet is one big Smurf yurt. Vince makes aces cumbia jams as Sonido del Principe you can grab over at Bersa Discos, and his DJ alter ego kinda killed this mix of kuduro, which essentially is/sounds like hybrid techno-booty-soca with Portuguese rapping, which in turn sounds like every party we ever wanted to go to ever. Get the tracklist, which includes a variety of kuduro practicioners from godhead Bruno M to a couple songs from this to extra-hot newish jacks Buraka Som Sistema, after the jump.

Download: Vince the Prince, March '09 Kuduro Mix

Vince the Prince, March '09 Kuduro Mix

01. os lambas - aguenta barulho

02. negativo - o toke a tia

03. bruno m - estou bem lavado

04. dj bo dem - projecto x

05. dj neloy - na cadeia

06. traci - unknown

07. dj du marcel - rio zambeze

08. dj gaston junior - du sa sangue

09. dj patrick - sem maneiras

10. dj znobia - ta pio

11. unknown

12. angre diji - do milindro

13. dj tecas - bate no peito

14. os granada squad - tia maria

15. buraka som sistema - deeejay

16. dj bobo j - sentem

17. come todas - homem barroso

18. dj znobia - bisneiro

19. dj massacra - me mata

Freeload: Vince the Prince, March ‘09 Kuduro Mix