FADER TV: Food Thyme with Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Back when I was a squirrelly little intern at New York Noise, my boss used to tell me about her favorite salad blog called Last Night’s Salad Party. It just so happened to be run by Peggy Wang, current Pains of Being Pure at Heart keyboardist and vocalist. Unfortunately it is no longer (R.I.P., Salad Party!), but being a fellow salad enthusiast, I invited Peggy and her bandmates, Kip and Alex over to help make not just any ordinary salad but a salad tower, which was actually a ploy to try and inspire Peggy to resurrect LNSP. It might have failed, but if you listen carefully, you can hear Peggy inventing some new salads on the spot. I might already be planning on making that brains salad for dinner tonight. For the original recipe you can go here, and if you’re looking for veggie crab in New York, I highly suggest Vegie World in Chinatown.
—Rosemary Simon

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