Freeload: 77Klash f. Matt Shadetek, “Pressure”

We’ve been following the individual trails of Brooklyn’s own power-chatter 77Klash and beatmaker extraordinaire Matt Shadetek for a real hot minute, as musical innovators of the biggest borough and as style inspirers (shout to Klash’s reversible multicolor vest and purple button-down he wore during his special live performance on FADER Radio in Austin. Individually, we sweat them, but together, they make a transcendent kind of bass-laden magic (see: ““Brooklyn Anthem“). This new Klash track with the evil grimey deez by Shadetek is the Jamaican-influenced equivalent of two fuzzy eyebrows slanted downward in a mean face, or maybe just the sound of your huge crew rolling up to the park in like, five trucks. We will roll with you, dudes!

Download: 77Klash f. Matt Shadetek, “Pressure” (via Mad Decent)

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