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Freeload: Foreign Born, “Vacationing People”

April 09, 2009

Have you ever been to La Paz, Mexico? It's about two hours north of Los Cabos in southern Baja. There is a beach there, Playa Balandra, that is carved out of mountains. The water is extremely shallow and a light blue hue that must be what the water looked like in Eden. Pelicans eat tiny circular fish, palapas keep you out of the sun. No one in La Paz likes this beach, though. They prefer El Tecolote, which is much busier and with greater waves and a host of small bars along the beach. Maybe it's because we're from New York, but we only went once to Tecolote before we knew something more serene was needed in our sun-seeking veins. Foreign Born hadn't released "Vactioning People" when this trip happened, but if they had it is what we would have listened to on the fifteen minute drive from town.

Download: Foreign Born, "Vacationing People"

Posted: April 09, 2009
Freeload: Foreign Born, “Vacationing People”