Freeload: Toy Selectah’s Mex More LP

April 09, 2009

The last time we tried to put Lil Wayne and Devendra Banhart on the same mixtape, it did not turn out pretty. Though "Prostitute Flange" and "Tonada Yanomaninista" share equal space in our hearts, heads were not ready for our wicked good mash-ups. But Mad Decent's resident Mexican headcase Toy Selectah has shown us the way: On this album-length collection of his recent remixes, both Wayne and Devendra get smashed to cumbiaravertontropical bits along with Chromeo, Air, Café Tacuba, Justice, Santigold, Feist, The Outfield and a bunch of others that should otherwise never ever be together unless they get stuck on a plane to the Grammys or something.

Download: Toy Selectah's Mex More LP (via Mad Decent)

Toy Selectah, Mex More—A Collection of Remixes

A Milli (Toy Selectah Refix)

Bailen el Puto (2008 Mex-More Refix)
Carmensita (Toy Selectah Raverton Re-Fix)

Fancy Footwork (Toy Selectah Raverton Remix)

Gina Fancy Montes Footwork (Raverton Remix)

Jaguar House (Toy Selectah 20.08 Refix)

Love is Gone (Raverton Remix)

My moon My man (Toy Selectah Raverton Refix)

One minute pal Cumbion!!! (Raverton Refix)

One Minute pal Cumbion!!!

Sexy Boy (Raverton Remix)

Shove It (Toy Selectah Cumbia Remix)

Things that Dreams (Kissy Sell Raverton Selectah Refix)

Volver a Comenzar (Toy Selectah Mex-More Refix)

Your Love (Toy Selectah MexMore Remix)

Freeload: Toy Selectah’s Mex More LP