FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch Series #10: Wavves and Windsurf

Two killer exclusive tracks grace each side of the newest installment of the FADER/Southern
7-inch series. We’ve got a bit of an aquatic theme between Mario Hugo‘s psychedelic water swirl layout and the liquidity of Wavves and Windsurf. As Wavves, San Diegan Nathan Williams has been busy tearing up 2009 like a half pipe with his noise-drenched bubblegum. He scrawled down his lo-fi anthem “Friends Were Gone” in a couple of hours over broken drums. Windsurf‘s track “Vapour Trails” contrasts nicely with a laidback instrumental groove
appropriate for, say, spending the afternoon on your boat. Though what
really pushes this track straight into full-on lounge is the island boogie percussion.

Free (!) copies of the split are available until supplies run out.
Email us with your name and address to get some vinyl action. Or, you know, just download the mp3s for free below. Those aren’t limited to 500.

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  1. Paul Reasons says:

    Can’t figure out how to download this stuff. D:

  2. Hello there. I see you guys released the wavves song “friends were gone”. I was hoping to somehow get that from you guys. I’m not sure exactly where to download it. Thanks.

  3. Pablo Morales says:

    Yeah I can’t download it also, is there a way that I can get a copy or the vinyl if you guys still have some left

  4. David says:

    I would like one as well if possible

  5. Stephen Arndt says:

    Love Wavves, love vinyl!

  6. Samuel Smart says:

    Owning this 7 would be SICK, let me know!!!

  7. matt says:

    mp3 would be sick

  8. Izzi Pardini says:

    any vinyl please.

  9. ughhhhh says:

    Please help us out fader! no one can download this

  10. friend says:

    I love the wavves

  11. Ely says:

    This download will NOT work, and I REALLY want these downloads!
    Please help us out here, Fader!