FADER TV: Nicki Minaj Talks Growing Up In Queens, Propositions Felipe

When Nicki Minaj arrived for our video interview, there were no less than 8 people in tow, an entourage of management, publicity, World Star Hip Hop and one dude who looked like he lives to snap bones into unsound positions Steven Segal style. Minaj herself is pretty short, pretty sweet and really just downright pretty. She can also rap her ass off, which coupled with the aforementioned most certainly makes her an investment worth protecting. Having just released her Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape (that we’ve been hearing about since December), Minaj stopped through to talk about coming up in Queens, her background in drama and the difference between Beam Me Up Scotty and the infamous Sucka Free tape. And to hit on Felipe.

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  1. Antuon says:

    She was either HIGH or realllyyyy tired.

    I’m goin with HIGHHHH.

  2. blaaaaah says:

    wanna minaj?? i thought she’s cleaned her image up. now those sam 13-17yr olds gone be thinkin it’s cool to ask niggaz if they want a minaj… SMH *dead

  3. ok so ya’ll bitches best just lave nicki alone.. she just bein ha.. so y dnt all let ha be ha.. nd ya’ll be yhu!!!!!! love u nicki!!!!!!!!

  4. nazhala says:

    hey wat u doin me at skool cant wiat into we get out of here cause these girls here always like to fight these

  5. Yo Pimp!!! says:

    yo whudd up muh peeps jus dropped by to show nicki some luv f**** all u haters hatin on my girl and shit!! anyways <3 ya nicki minaj!!!

  6. Luda is consistently creatin these great songs, there already on my ipod. I like how he got Nicki Minaj on the track because in my opinion she contributes alot the track. The music video is hot too.

  7. Ludacris is always makin dese great songs, their already on my mp3 player. I like how he got Nicki Minaj on the track cause IMO she adds so much the track. The music video is hot too.