Freeload: Busta Rhymes, New Bullshit Songs + I Bullshit You Not Mixtape

Bussa Buss sounds so froggish sometimes we actually worry he is going to choke on his own tongue or the hairball in the back of his throat. But sometimes it just makes us laugh and we appreciate him for that. Fortunately for everyone, the latter has been happening a lot more than the former recently as he works up to the release of his new album Back On My B.S., two tracks from which have recently been donated to the internet. They are not great, but we are not going to pass immediate judgment on the whole album just yet because Busta’s recent I Bullshit You Not tape was pretty excellent—jubilant and endearing like when your fat uncle rolls off the couch on the first hot day of the year to drink his beer on the sidewalk and holler at girls and the ice cream man. Get it all below and cross your lucky fudgsicle sticks that his album is decent. In the meantime, revisit our FADER TV interview with Busta above where he talks about weed.

Download: Busta Rhymes, I Bullshit You Not mixtape

Download: Busta Rhymes, “Give Em What They Want”

Download: Busta Rhymes f. Jelly Roll, “Sugar”

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