Style: Stack ‘Em High

May 14, 2009

Sometimes when we're out running to appointments we stop to take a breather. That breather usually lands smack dab in the middle of street vendor haven where we stock up on fancy bangles and beads on the cheap. On most days a single bangle or two finishes off an outfit, but recently we've been stacking an added one or two to our furnished wrists, edging towards a tower of bulbous metal bands. Check out what we mean after the jump.

A few weeks back we paid Carin Rodebjer a visit and she showed us her inspiration board for beautiful F/W 09 collection AND introduced us to the style of Nancy Cunard, a fabulous British heiress turned political activist with a knack for piling on bangles at an extraordinary height. While this wasn't the first time we'd seen a plethora of bangles dawning a young filly's wrists, Cunard reminded us of the playful costume jewelry that we've been alienating from our wardrobe. Louis Vuitton also evoked this same stacking philosophy in their S/S 09 collection, mixing colors and textures in thick bands of earthy tones. Eley Kishimoto, the British label know for their expertise in color waves and brilliant patterns, styled a few extra bright and extra skinny bangles for their runway show giving the pieces a little added punch while french designer Kris Van Assche took a more subtle and sophisticated approach in gold. Whatever the look you're going for, it might be a nice little twist in plot to stroll by your local street vendor's stand and stack 'em high like our 'ol girl Cunard here.

Louis Vuitton S/S 09

L- Eley Kishimoto F/W 09, R- Kris Van Assche F/W 09

Posted: May 14, 2009
Style: Stack ‘Em High