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Freeload: Foreign Born, “Early Warnings” MP3

May 15, 2009

Downloading mp3s is cool, but you have to hear this album. You are going to freak out when you find that something so perfect for every barbecue, beach road trip, Memorial Day, summer Friday, outdoor Scrabble tournament and peeping tom trip to the dog park exists and you didn't even have to commission it yourself. Listen, we ate in the park today. It's been forever since we could do that! Yeah, yeah you can eat outside in California every day but that's why you people in California don't appreciate things enough. Not sure how that works out to LA's Foreign Born being a season changing omen of majestic warmth, but it does. And, yeah, we had a mental pledge to never again blog about music's correlation with the weather but some things just sound like sunshine so strongly that it's difficult to stop.

Download: Foreign Born, "Early Warnings"

Posted: May 15, 2009
Freeload: Foreign Born, “Early Warnings” MP3