NYC: Sean Paul, Ricky Blaze, Badda Badda Gals + More Wear their Sunglasses at Night

Tomorrow night Max Glazer and Kenny Meez celebrate the 10th anniversary of Federation Soundsystem presented by Sunglass Hut, Business Class and, duh, Federation Sound, at Santos Party House. That means Max and Kenny have been repping dancehall since the last millenium. Like since Sean Paul was an underground artist. Since before Cipha Sounds was a member of the Big Dog Pitbulls. Since before FADER was a magazine. Since when Guiliani was Mayor and Al Gore was the next President and Max was the reggae buyer at Fat Beats. Since a long-ass time, basically. Lucky for us though this event promises to be less of a nostalgia-fest and more of a nowadays thing, and since Sunglass Hut is the sponsor we can only assume everyone will be properly shaded up and Bruk Up’s new “Sunglasses” dance will be getting heavy rotation (we also assume the whole crew will be dipped in Lacoste ‘cause we saw Max and the Badda Badda Gals walking by Habana Outpost with a baby-stroller full of new Lacoste kicks last week—true story). And finally, since those gals are guaranteed to perform alongside Sean Paul, Ricky Blaze and Cipha Sounds, we assume the door situation will be banana clips and you’d better get there early. Come true!

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