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Freeload: Various Production Radio Mix

We praised the complete ridiculousness of Various Production's "Trycycle" not long ago—a completely absurd song we spent much of a winter weekend walking around the city listening to on headphones. Now they've multiplied their low end efforts with this mix of mostly their own songs for Mary Anne Hobbs' radio show. Please at least make it through the second track, "Starman," because it sounds like a Three 6 Mafia instrumental. We were going to say a dubstep version of a Three 6 Mafia song, but listening again, it's straight up Tennessee horrorcore. Full tracklist after the jump.

Download: Various Production radio mix

Various Production – "Nothing"

Various Production – "Starman"

Unknown – "Untitled"

Various Production feat Mc Vex – "Drink it"

Various Production – "Mug"

Gun Jack – "Ghetto Blaster"

Various Production – "Composite"

Modeselektor – "Black Block" [Rustie Remix]

Various Production Feat Mc Vex – "Dan’s Time"

Various Production – "Untitled"

Reso (White)

Freeload: Various Production Radio Mix