FADER TV: The Fly Girlz Represent Brooklyn

When we first heard about a group of 12-year-old girls calling themselves The Fly Girlz and rapping in Brownsville, we naturally wanted to find out more. Specifically, we wanted to know how and why they were putting out a vinyl LP on True Panther, a label not necessarily known for its roots in hip hop. What we discovered was not just The Fly Girlz but an entire group of after school rappers organized by Sam Hillmer, of Brooklyn noise band Zs, in a program called Representing NYC. Since finishing their debut record, The Fly Girlz have dwindled from five to just two members: Tamera (aka Angel) and Ameena (aka Sophie). Let’s just say there was some drama. But we managed to capture some of their cutest and most fly moments on video before the split, from an ordinary rehearsal to their journey into Williamsburg to sell their record IN PERSON. That record, Welcome to Brownsville, can now be found at multiple locations in the New York metropolitan area, as well as on iTunes.

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