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Freeload: Patterson Hood, “I Understand Now” MP3

June 09, 2009

Patterson Hood seems like the kind of dude we could hang with at a bar for several hours. We'd be like eight drinks in and he'd be a few more, but somehow he'd be less drunk (somehow). We'd ask him for life advice and then he'd give it to us and qualify everything he said with "but that's just me." We'd probably feel a lot better about everything, or at least that's what we imagine. "I Understand Now," which is about Hood figuring out life on his own, coming to terms with the changing world, is from his second solo album Murdering Oscar, out June 23rd on Ruth Street/30 Tigers. Starting to appreciate the value of generations changing hands he sings on it. Us too!

Download: Patterson Hood, "I Understand Now"

Freeload: Patterson Hood, “I Understand Now” MP3