Freeload: Strandhotel Markus, “Disco! Disco! (Youth ‘Back to Baleria’ Remix)” MP3

Listening to foggy, downbeat electropop with singing in Swiss German makes us feel really moody. Like if we had our way right now, we’d be traipsing along the Left Bank shooting semi-glares at anyone whose demeanor conflicted with our existential mindstate as slight rain drizzled on our black trenchcoat and no socks (that’s popular). Or maybe we just want to fall to our knees and dramatically shake our hands at the heavens, Willem Dafoe/Ben Stiller style, screaming WHY GOD! WHY!!! Also, Youth is a pretty cool Australian producer.

Download: Strandhotel Markus, “Disco! Disco! (Youth ‘Back to Baleria’ Remix)” (Via Funkism)

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