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FADER TV: Phoenix "Lisztomania" (Live)

As you probably know by now if you read this site semi-regularly, Phoenix graces one of the covers of our next issue. We flew to Paris and hung out with them and learned that they are the nicest guys in the world while also being one of the world's greatest bands. On record they are near perfect, almost unbelievably clean and precise, but live they are probably the tightest band we've seen in recent memory, imperfecting that perfection into something almost inexplicably awesome. Unless you count the "holy shit," which was the common response last night when Phoenix played Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg. We managed to get them soundchecking "Lisztomania" on camera before the mayhem of the actual show, so you can catch a glimpse of how it all comes together. For photos and a haiku review of the show, head over to The Tripwire, and stay tuned for some more footage from last night on FADER TV.

FADER TV: Phoenix "Lisztomania" (Live)