Freeload: The FADER Issue 62 Podcast

Freeload: The FADER Issue 62 Podcast

Freeload: The FADER Issue 62 Podcast
June 23, 2009

We and you and everyone we know has been trumpeting the Summer Of Love 2009, and it was our mantra as we put together FADER Issue 62. We scoured the universe for the summeriest, most barbecuey music this year and came up with an issue that, if you scratch-and-sniff it, smells vaguely coconutty like Hawaiian Tropic (not really). As such, this issue's podcast, presented by Bacardi B-LIVE, is about as clear a definition of what we think you should be listening to in the coming months as we could possibly make. It's got songs from every artist in the issue from cover stars Phoenix, Major Lazer, Maluca, DJ Sega and Popo; featured power-bros Young Dro, Dum Dum Girls, Wavves, Crocodiles, Family Time Records fam, Gen Fers Omega, D-Lo and Sleepy D, Esser, CFCF, and like a trizillion more people! Download it below and listen while reading the issue, scorching hot like the sun on newsstands right now. And come back to in two weeks for the free issue PDF that you can save on your computer until the robots take over.

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Crocodiles, "Summer of Hate"

DJ Sega, "Colors"

Sleepy D, "Sleepy Fuckin D"

CFCF, "Crystal Mines"

Phoenix, "Lisztomania"

Major Lazer, "Hold the Line"

Amadou & Mariam, "Sabali" (Paul Epworth Remix)

Foreign Born, "Early Warnings"

Wavves, "To the Dregs"

Young Dro, "Clean With It"

Dum Dum Girls, "Brite Futures"

Rapid Youth, "In the Trench"

Popo, "Kill Tonight"

Esser, "Headlock"

Jenny Wilson, "Like a Fading Rainbow"

Trudgers, "Nothing Perfect Ever"

No Paws (No Lions), "Robert"

Ancient Crux, "In Teen Dreams"

Maluca, "El Tigeraso"

Omega, "Tu No Ta Pa Mi"

Twin Lion, "White Fur"

Freeload: The FADER Issue 62 Podcast