Style: Charles Guislain is the Future of Men’s Fashion

Fashion blogger Diane Pernet has a knack for spotting talent super early, so we’re hedging our bets on her newest Margiela-wrapped protegé, Charles Guislain, being the future of avant-garde men’s fashion. The adorable little French fashionisto has been swanning his way through men’s fashion week in Paris, hustling shows on the strength of some baby-faced je-ne-sais-quoi charm, a bleach-blonde do and a mean pair of Rick Owens wedged booties. If he doesn’t end up being the next Hedi Slimane he will probably end up dating him.

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  1. GALILHAI says:

    Thanks. Good information !

  2. Rob says:

    If Charles slums it to ‘Londres’ as is his wont by way to further his fashion studies, he’ll need to dress down a teensy bit. Otherwise, present Anglo-Saxon barbarians will doubtless ‘tear him apart’ for being a too-much-in-yer-face “baby-fag” Or, was it “fag-baby” I read that a critic referred of him as such?

    I suggest, he goes fully prepared to Britain with a more, shall we say, ‘Boudica look’…That is, blue woad smeared on his face, horned hat and, always, with a barbaric screeching demeanour constantly shouting, for example, “Come On You Gunners!” If he must wear a flowing cape, it should depict The Cross of St. George or Her Majesty’s Union Jack.

    Charles HAS to dispel any suspicion and threats from the British he will meet who could regard him as an oddball that could be kicked about mercilessly.


    Good Luck to him.

  3. Thommie says:

    Robert, dearest… Was the last time you were in England in the 1970s? Because you managed paint a picture worthy of an Alan Clarke film.

    London is the city of ‘oddballs’, it always has been. I see many boys in outfits, not dissimilar to those of our beloved Charles, tottering about the streets on a regular basis. In fact, I was and still am one of those boys!

    I’ve rarely had anyone bat an eyelid.

    Granted, London may be one of the few bastions of odd in England but such a situation is nothing unique to this country. London has been a centre of creative innovation for generations, incontestably in the area of fashion. That is the reason CSM has the international reputation that is attracting monsieur Guislain after all.

    I, and many others, will welcome him with open arms. Stop trying to scare the poor boy away.

    I recommend a trip back to London; lots of things have changed in the past thirty years. We don’t even get hanged for fancying boys these days.

    If you live in London…well…I reckon it’s time to wander outside Peckham.


  4. Rob says:

    Precisely, Thommie!

    I know you really know I have been (am) ever-so tongue in cheek with my comment(s) seeing as I readily observe Boudica Britain as supremely oddballish when it comes to what they, in Britland do and wear…That’s why I suggest Charlie matches ‘them’ before he steps ashore; if he hasn’t done so already?

    In any case…am intrigued by your references to ‘Alan Clark film’ (of which, at my intolerant age, should be familiar?) Was he in the Conservative Gov who later wrote notorious diaries…?

    Or, was that another Alan Clarke..?

    and as for Peckham…?

    Suspect you are quite a snoopy know-it-all who may have an editing track somewhere along the line.


  5. Thommie says:

    Roberta, I know you are simply toying with me, and I hope you take my playful condescension in the same spirit.

    I do wish I had been referring to the slimy, ex-Conservative MP Alan Clark: I think his take on prison thugs, skinheads, and football hooligans would have been hilariously ill-informed.

    (Sadly, I was actually referring to Alan Clarke, director of ‘Scum’, ‘Made in Britain’ and ‘The Firm’. Probably, quite an obscure reference for a non-Briton but only an IMDb search away.)

    I am somewhat touchy on the subject of modern British barbarism. We have received incredibly bad press on the subject. However, I cannot say that we aren’t deserving of such scorn. I was born and raised in a particularly unlearned area of the country and had quite a hard time of things for wearing anything but a shell suit and, the modern-day equivalent of woad, the Burberry baseball cap.

    I’m a fresh graduate (photographer, theorist/critic, ex-model…also looking for a real job *hint hint*) and have only managed to escape that kind of mentality in recent years. The feeling of being spat on and having bricks thrown at me as I walk down the street in my Hedi-accented outfits is still rather clear in the memory.

    As I said before, London is one of the last places where the enlightened far outnumber the unlearned, and have free rein to do/wear whatever they so please. For this reason, I am incredibly protective of it.

    Even in jest, I think you hit a nerve… Why pay for a shrink when I can talk to Rob?

    But, back on subject: Charles Guislain.Yay!


    P.S. Aussi, si n’importe qui de Peckham lit ceci (qui ne sont pas des fanatiques de ‘Only Fools and Horses’) et est en désaccord avec mon dédain pour lui, je serai heureux de faire des excuses. En particulier, pour mon Français faible.

  6. Rob says:

    Vergeef alstublieft mij indien ik uw onschuld betwist…Nog, kan niet ik, maar kom, een kerel (of belle) bijeen die ouder of jonger is. Wie kan vertellen?

  7. Tom says:

    I am a current student at Central Saint Martin’s (which is where he wants to go and study fashion) and I can tell you that that thing will fail to get in if thats how he perceives the the english language, because it takes pure articulation to get into the minds of the snobbish staff at the University of the Arts London.

    Thommie, I’m on Robs side because you clearly have your head up your merde filled ass if you think London is a city of people that walk around dressed like Charles Guislain.

    P.S. I’m an Anglo-Saxon barbarian who feels the need to tear you apart.

  8. jean-philippe says:

    this rob-thommie string of comments is on like every single article about Charles on the web.
    For christ sake! He’s just a really adorable kid, with ridiculously rich parents and incredible
    curage and sense of style. I love how he seems so cute and childish when you hear him speak! I have only ever seen photos of him until now, and he always looks so serious and confident. I think his english is extremely good considering the usual standards in France, and it is definitely too early to tell if a 16-year-old won’t be able to get into Saint martins on account of his english skills.
    besides, I would think there’s an equally prestigious fashion academy in Paris?

    and quite frankly, you are one hell of a shit kind of person, if your certainty of self can’t handle a 16-year-old with a cape. and if I were him, London would definitely not be last place I would feel comfortable going (cough*america=homophobic heaven)

    i love the heidi slimane comment, but to me he almost seems to be more famous and talked about now than Heidi is. he’s bryan boy without even trying.

  9. Rob says:

    Let no one suggest I have explicitly ridiculed the French fellow. “Yes” a bit of tongue in cheek invective here and there has been banded about so as to supply other goggling bloggers something to rollock about. That’s all! I’m enjoying every minute reading every misread return few as they are. Over all of it I wish Charles every success in his future course training as a fashion designer. I hope he doesn’t forget to design for people in their dotage. There’s an untapped market out there for the likes of a Methuselah.

  10. Thommie says:

    Tom, you either spend too much of your time tearing those “thing(s)” to pieces or maybe you wiped some of that blue paste in your eye, maybe you’re just not invited to the cool parties any more. Most likely the boys that I’m talking about simply run for cover when they see you approaching.

    Try living where I grew up for a bit. (It has recently become a stronghold for the BNP – makes me so proud.) Maybe you’ll gain a little perspective and an insight into how I define ‘enlightened’ people.

    P.S. I’d love to meet up for a coffee, when you’re available – can’t wait to hear me some of that “pure articulation”. I hope it involves a cricket bat!

  11. Thommie says:

    Also, in defence of Roberta, he was only being a big ol’ bitch and tugging people’s cords.

    Rob and I enjoy our little tiffs and we’re now engaged to be married. Were it only legal…

  12. Garth says:

    So Roberta and Thommie want to get get married were it only legal. Well it’s legal here in Canada so haul your wrinkled asses over and we’ll soon sort that out. You two sound like a couple of old drag queens – bitch, bitch, bitch – put it to bed already. And what kind of a bullshit name is “Thommie’ – your name is Tom – go over to the mirror and repeat slowly over and over, “my name is Tom’. You can do this Tom, really you can – you know where the mirror is – you’ve spent half your life standing in front of it preening yourself.

    Tom you say that London is one of the last places where the enlightened far outnumber the unlearned. O.K. you’re a photographer, theorist/critic, and ex-fashion model looking for a job. Not too much enlightenment in those career path choices now was there. You have a sharp tongue and a very dull brain.

    Now as concerns this spoiled brat French kid – Charlie something-or-other. The best thing that could happen for this child would involve his parents being heavily invested in junk bonds and asset backed commercial paper, and losing it all. Then he might have to go out and earn his own spending money like most kids the world over. There is much he could learn about the realities of life by spending a few months standing over the deep fryer at a fast-food restaurant.

  13. Bobo says:

    We need an update as 2 Charles’s visitations dressed in his finery.

    Will he be attending British Fashion Week?

    (Lee R.I.P.)

  14. Rob says:

    Lady GA GA at the BRIT AWARDS!

    What a complete pillock!

    Lady GA GA Made Me GAG!

    (And, she had the cheek to impune Alexander McQueen’s tragic name)

  15. Freud says:

    I really hope he’s not.