The FADER Issue 62 Free Download

July 07, 2009

It seems like we can't walk down the street, through our office or even really sit at home without hearing that good old familiar air horn bahh-BAHHH sound. Part of that means we know a lot of people with iPhones, but it also means that Summer is actually for real, not even joking, HERE. It's hot out, the park is packed with lunch break sunbathers, air conditioners are dripping on our heads and finally the albums that we hoped would make our summer an actual summer are able to prove their worth. On one cover we've got the new vanguard of Mad Decent, headed by Diplo and Switch's dancehall plus whatever-they-feel-like project Major Lazer. On the other cover we're bringing you Phoenix—a French band with some of the best break up/make up songs ever—who hold the distinction of being one of the FADER office's most loved bands. How did it take us this long to get them on the cover? In addition, we went down to Atlanta to hang out with Young Dro and sent the mysterious Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls and the Mayfair Set on a California road trip to hang out with Wavves, Crocodiles and the Family Time Records crew. But we didn't leave it at that, there are also Gen Fs on Foreign Born, D-Lo and Sleepy D, Jenny Wilson, CFCF and more. All that, plus even more of the usual FADER goodness is inside the PDF, downloadable for free below. It's the perfect companion to our new issue podcast, and a perfect nightcap after you've spent some time exploring our all-new super deep (and super exciting) website. Stay tuned right on this very site for extras and outtakes from above and beyond the issue.

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Posted: July 07, 2009
The FADER Issue 62 Free Download