Exclusive: Duck Sauce (A-Trak & Armand Van Helden), “aNYway” Stream

For the last four months, we’ve been seeing the Fool’s Gold fam randomly twitter the words “Duck Sauce.” When it happened once we thought it was some sort of weird new inside joke, or a diss, or A-Trak was lunching at Panda Express at an airport somewhere. But they just kept twitting it, back and forth, A-Trak saying “DUCK SAUCE” and Catchdubs @’ing him back all “YERP,” and we were like What the fuck dudes! Enough with the Duck Sauce! But then we found out what Duck Sauce is and now we’d like to officially reverse our position on that. We’re totally fiending for the Duck Sauce! MORE! DUCK! SAUCE! Because it’s a collabo project between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden! We got a few of the gossamer club tracks yesterday, and the one streaming below sounds like rollerdisco’ing with the crew from Central Park through a flashing neon rainbow while drinking a milkshake. Please excuse us while we pass out now.

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  1. madhater says:

    Don’t get me wrong this is a dope track, but I would expect more from these guys. This is just a little re-edit. I could do this in five minutes in fruityloops.