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Last Japan f. Kay Young, "DJ Saved My Life" MP3


Kay Young is apparently an egalitarian type of UK MC, since she dedicates Last Japan's throbbing laser-gun of a 21st Century club track to both "the ravers" and "the poseurs." But how does one pose at raving? Seems like one of those "she's a little pregnant" scenarios, but then what do we know, since we have never posed at raving in our lives, ever—it's always full-bore raving, 24-7, dancefloor or no, forevermore, no fronting. Which is why we can appreciate the immediacy of the fact that the DJ saved Kay's life "tonight," right? Also, she skateboards and just released a mixtape.

Download: Last Japan f. Kay Young "DJ Saved My Life" (via Culture of Me)

Posted: July 15, 2009
Last Japan f. Kay Young, "DJ Saved My Life" MP3